Antony Cartwright
On contract until September, with capacity only for other small jobs.
Antony has spent much of his time using his Java background on large projects. A full day cutting code is cherished luxury which Antony looks for in gaps between his day job guiding development teams through the more challenging areas of architectural change and evangelising agile and lean principles. Antony has recently returned to contracting and has been engaged by William Hill as a Solution Architect. Before returning to contract work, Antony applied himself as the Senior Technical Architect at Piksel for clients including Liberty Global, Sky New Zealand, Discovery Channel, BSkyB, Walt Disney World, and LOVEFiLM. In Antony’s role at Liberty Global he has found an opportunity to apply new Node.js skills building a reporting platform while working on a process transformation. Earlier at Piksel, Antony undertook an architectural review for Sky New Zealand and worked with BSkyB on Sky Go where Antony managed his own time between 5 teams and ~30 development staff to guide the architecture. Antony moved away from his media comfort zone to spend 18 months as a Data Architect for Walt Disney World (Florida) building 2 schemas for a new guest identification system. Other notable roles at Piksel were the Deployment Manager for SeeSaw TV and delivering the player for LOVEFiLM on demand.